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At Rocket Internet Malaysia, we're real people - friendly, approachable, professional investors who can share your passion for a great idea.

We don't care if you've got no experience or if you're on your own. We don't care if you've struggled to get finance or if you're too scared to even ask. Nor do we care if you're up and running but struggling to see the way forward.

Our investment is in the complete solutions, you and your business. We will provide all the tools and support you need to turn your idea into a real business.

We invest in online ideas, so your concept needs to be web-based. It can be simple or complex, it just needs to be well thought and have the wow factor. It needs to be the one that keeps you awake at night. The one you know that if it could be done it would be a real winner.

So, if you've got a great online idea - a product or service - if you're passionate, committed, proactive and realistic, however large or small your ambition right now - we want to hear from you. If you don't ask you don't get, and the worst answer you will get from us would be thank you but no thank you - your pitch to us costs nothing but your time.


Boon Hai Motors Sdn Bhd - (618853-A)

Boon Hai Motors Sdn Bhd Boon Hai Motors Sdn Bhd is a locally owned company established in 1970. In the past decades Boon Hai Motors successfully established itself as a leading motorcycle business, insurance company, loan facility, and services with spare parts warehouse. We continuously growth with strong value and good services that sustain our consistent profitability today. In carry on our business, we apply the best class customer service and effectiveness to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Business Broking Solutions Sdn Bhd - (799290-D)

Business Broking Solutions Sdn Bhd Since 2007, whether you are buying a business or selling a business, when a business is for sale in Malaysia, you can count on Business Broking Solutions (BBS). Our continued focus and commitment to customer satisfaction has attributed to our growth and success. Business Broking Solutions is a group of experienced professionals with diversified talents in the assessment of businesses across a diverse range of commercial operations. Whether you are seeking to aquire a business, merge existing practices or sell your business, we work together with you to achieve your goals.


The Skin Shop - (1984177-D)

The Skin Shop The Skin Shop was established since 2010, and we sell cosmetics online including Slimming, Firming, Whitening, Make Up and Skin Care Products. Our company's goal is to make the hottest beauty brands available to beauty junkies all over Malaysia. The Skin Shop's Logo is to express our company sell everything skin care products through the website, the crown is a symbol of the modern woman who looks like a princess with wealth, lust and power.


iBusiness Brokers - (2022240-M)

iBusiness Brokers Started in 2011, iBusiness Brokers is the best website in Malaysia for buying and selling any kind of businesses. People searching the most suitable licensing or franchise opportunities in Malaysia. Furthermore iBusiness Brokers gives you the business opportunity to explore new concept and tools, allowing you to connect with local people. Lets start to advertise your business for sale listing on iBusiness Brokers now.


Rocket Internet - (2189299-U)

Rocket Internet Rocket Internet was founded in 2012, it is a group of companies and people with shared values and common goals. In short, we love online business... To be successful we understand that we have to take risks. We are not a venture fund. We are not a seed fund. We invest money, and we do it our way. At Rocket Internet we have our own team of designers and developers, we have our own online marketing people, our own hardware solutions - in fact we have all the tools to make an online business work.