About Us

About us

Rocket Internet Malaysia was founded in 2012, it is a group of companies and people with shared values and common goals. In short, we love online businesses but dislike banks that lend money while demanding security. To be successful we understand that we have to take risks. We are not a venture fund. We are not a seed fund. We invest money, and we do it our way.

At Rocket Internet we have our own team of designers and developers, we have our own online marketing people, our own hardware solutions - in fact we have all the tools to make an online business work. We take ideas, we work alongside people to design, build and manage the solution with the aim of making business successful. Our investment is to spend the money on the right people to build the right solutions.

So what's the catch? Well, like any investment company we take a share in the business we have helped to build. Your idea, our expertise - as they say, two heads are better than one. We also share the risk. If the business fails then we have spent money on people to build and market the failure, not something we are used to or like to do.

Rocket Internet is for people that need investment but in the right place, not cash for shares, but investment in the dream of actually creating a successful online business.

So, you believe you've got a great business idea you want us to consider? It's all starts from here.



We work with our team to develop concepts and ideas into workable, commercially viable online businesses. But instead of the traditional route of cash investments we out our money where our mouth is and actually build the required solutions.

Banks and investors lend money so people can go elsewhere to have the idea built. But what most people really want is someone to help them build the idea and make it successful. And that's why we started Rocket Internet.



At Rocket Internet we have taken the time to think about how investment in new ideas can really benefit the people behind. We care about people and their ideas. We know that we're dealing with people's future and dreams. We're passionate about new ideas and enjoy nothing more than seeing people succeed. We love it when we can play a part in something new, exciting and potentially profitable to the market. As a result we work in a different way and we have a different approach and attitude to invest.